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Co-working Space: Phandeeyar

TLDR: The most affordable co-working option for you in Yangon but it’s not perfect.

Phandeeyar is located right next to Sule pagoda with the amazing view of Yangon, which you will take a photo of and post on your social media like everybody else who has been there even for a brief period. Rain or shine, you can’t beat the convenience of the place located right at the public transport hub and the heritage zone of Yangon.

Internet: workable speed which isn’t protected from nation wide outages but the events run in the community space next door might have some impact.

Access: access is less restrictive than other co-working spaces, which is a plus. Opening hours are 9–6 but you can usually stay longer if the staff is not in a rush to go back home. Luckily Phandeeyar’s got pretty hard working staff who won’t go home till late for most of the days. The lift going up to the co-working space needs an access card, yet to be issued to the tenants; a work-around solution is the security guard downstairs who will tap the card for you with a standby card at the top floor for you to use when you want to go down.

Facilities: coffee, tea and water is available for all the tenants. Desk and chairs does their job but you shouldn’t expect Herman Miller. Enough sofa and beanbag for a comfortable creative working space.

Downside: currently there isn’t a backup generator. Not a big problem in the cool seasons, but Yangon summer without aircon would put a dent in your productivity. Lack of lockers could be an issue especially if you are a hardware hacker, but I am sure you can talk to the staff if you have serious enough reason and they may be able to work something out.

Rates: $30/month per seat.

Reference: The Yangon Foreigner’s Post, Phandeeyar.org

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