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Founders or A-TEAM

What it takes to drive a successful startup?

When we think of venture business by young entrepreneurs, we explain of the ambitious and encouraging characters of the individuals that create the new startup. In fact, we can’t deny that the roles and skills of founders are as important and success factor of the business as much as the founding team does on the side.

Myanmar Context

Startup culture in Myanmar has been flourishing over the past few years and it keeps the vibe going strong at the moment. We often have seen the successful stories of the founders yet it has yet to be explored as to what it takes to drive a business even with the A-Team and a meaningful purpose. Do Myanmar Startups retain the resourceful founding members and supporting team alongside?

More or less, every startup team has found themselves the best capacity out of founding team or founder. Before we continue, what makes the successful startups team stronger? Is it about founding team? Is it about Founders strategy or founding team efforts to build sustaining business model?

“A small team of A-Plus players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players”

Startup95 has reached out to one of successful digital folks in town – Nex

The importance of TEAM

Ye Myat Min, CEO of Nex

“Supposed three major critical, and adequate elements: matching abilities (covering main functions), reliance, and individual ties robust ample to allow for a dynamic/candid discussion. In fact, success is the ability of the team whether it is a founding team to work well together interpersonally. It’s such a tough, and long ride. I believe in team mechanism and dedication. Each person should be treated, as they deserve. Getting quality A-team for startups in Myanmar is not difficult if one is to learn quickly from training and learning process. Some of us are born ingenious but still to be proficient better. We all need to be. Our goals to gather our mentality to be A-plus level by all means. We learn from each other and develop to one another and we love it. Tech community gains very limited resources to be honest, but it is promising as the workforce is on the rise of intelligence buildings across the industry.”

Amount of resources available in the market for dedicated industry is still a pain for many companies in Myanmar according to ILO reports as there are lack of statistics on how far the resources can cover for each industry. Education is a big barrier in this scenario in order to achieve goals for local businesses.

Since Facebook has the most influence and digital users in the country, digital community has become a key area to absorb business aspect in delivery. Digital businesses are a focal point for many of international brands pouring and local endeavors.

Moe Shinn, author, writer & Co-founder of Shwemom, one of top buzzfeed media agency

“Digital is a real deal in Myanmar market from the time when dissemination telcos’ data services booming. We have a team of real digital oriented personalities in our team. All we need the persona and the passion to play A-Game in the market. Content marketing is as hot as social media marketing. It’s all about Copywriting and content creators. Go small or Go Home, we need to be managing micro-data-mining for state-of-the-art contents in the market. We produce creative people as we construct the contents. Content comes from Content creators. We are building that and we are great to have them on our end to deliver the best in class.”

Investment ratios landed in local startups are still questionable for many startups in order to acquire brilliant talents across the marketplace.

One of earliest Digital marketing pioneers who was predicted about the embracing chance of Myanmar to be digitally coming up since 2009 Bar Camp in Myanmar, Co-founder of Blink digital agency.

“I think a stronger A-team will beat A-Plus founders or founding team in current business flow in Myanmar. Recruitment takes Top level strategy and it’s like a giant matter to consider. For Blink, it’s all about A-TEAM coz it’s totally a different scenario compared to Silicon Valley inspiration. Same of agency businesses, even if founding team has the capacity of 20 years plus experienced repatriates or expatriates – they will be nobody without a strong team culture here and of course continuous learning process. It does mean!” (who said this?)

Shout-out to all the hustlers in town who are dare to against all the odds. The now and then changing laws or put it this way- improving legislation bodies to be able to support startups businesses in Myanmar. We just prospect that it will all be great again by all means and bring a real deal for the startups in Myanmar.

Feed us (Startup95.com) your comments and thoughts for better community forwards.

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