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A New Point of Reference for Investment Game in Mekong Region

Building Markets, a non-profit helping local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), have launched a new open-source database on startup investment deals done by both angel and venture funds throughout Mekong region. It is accessible through Mekong Angels site http://www.mekongangels.info/.

The databases is compiled from a variety of sources: published funding reports, interviews with parties involved, direct verification process by both startups and investors and a final survey. The database documents 128 deals done in Myanmar, Lao PDR, Cambodia and Vietnam. The total amount of investment listed totals to nearly USD $4 million.

While commenting on the project, Loring Harkness, lead researcher for the Mekong Angels project, lets us know the importance and value of Mekong Angels:

“Mekong Angels is the first time this information has been collected and shared with the public. Now startup founders can use local information to find investors, conduct due diligence, and negotiate a fair valuation. It’s an incredible resource.”


Parties from both sides of the table can benefit from information provided by the database according to Jonathan Kieusseian, CEO of Amyanpoh, a last mile parcel delivery and payments facilitator.

“It’s often difficult for startups to identify angel investors who may be interested in their fundraising round. Mekong Angels helps startups understand which angel investors are active, and how they invest. As a result, startups save time and energy, and investors get to see better deals.”

The database is inspired by Meng Wong’s Map of the Money (http://www.mapofthemoney.com) and is supported by a grant from Tigers@Mekong and in-kind support from Mekong Business Initiative.

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